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Century Polish -16oz

Image of Century Polish -16oz

Have you ever found a sweet classic with original paint that is faded, worn, weathered and oxidized?? And you wanted to bring back the life and shine to the surface??
Absolutely... we have too!! It's amazing what kind of shine you can bring out of these old paints!!

That's exactly why we wanted to make our Century Polish available to you guys and gals.

The Century Polish can be used by hand or polisher to restore the shine to those vehicles, collectibles, and antiques!!

1) We suggest using our "So Fresh and Clean" All Purpose cleaner to clean the surface from contamination and oxidation prior to using the Century Polish. You want to make sure you have a clean and smooth surface before using the polish.

**Apply by hand or orbital polisher**
2) Apply small amount to a high quality microfiber towel, applicator pad, or polishing pad. Using moderate pressure work the surface in circular or cross hatched pattern to reach desired shine. Work small sections to ensure product is applied evenly. *Don’t allow product to dry* Wipe off with a clean high quality microfiber towel using Sweet Patina “Happy Ending” Final wipe to enhance shine and reach the desired depth and beauty of the surface.

*** Highly Recommended to Purchase "Century Polish" and "Happy Ending" Detail Wipe together*** just click the option below.

3) Sweet Patina “Happy Ending” Final Detail Wipe is recommended to finish off the polish and for times when you want a quick detail.  

4) For areas with surface rust/ patina we suggest using our Patina "Sauce" Patina Preserver.

It is not not recommended to use this product on surface rust, rough textures areas, plastics or rubber.