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Patina “Sauce” Patina Preserver

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Y’all have been asking for it so here it is.
The Patina "Sauce" is the GO TO product for those wanting to preserve, protect and keep the natural raw beauty and finish of their patina without a glossy oily finish. With family in the paint/ refinish business for over 75 years, there is a reason we don't clear coat over patina.

Over 20 ingredients make up our proprietary blend that makes our product 1 of a kind.

The Patina “Sauce” is a simple WIPE ON - WIPE OFF application process that provides a luminous finish that shows the character, depth and beauty of your patina’ ride. It helps prevent and preserve further deterioration, offers a layer of water resistant protection that helps inhibit rust and polymerizes to a hard finish.

This product will appear glossy during initial application but after a 15-20 cure time and a good wipe off the product will have a matte finish.

Even with the matte/ raw natural finish on the surface the product will continue to repel water for months.

Our “Happy Ending” Detail Wipe is the recommended product for quick spray and wipe cleanings after applying the Patina “Sauce”.

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Frequently asked questions.

How much can 1 can cover?
1- 32oz can will cover a C10 Truck 2-3x

How should I prep the surface before applying the "Sauce"?
We recommend washing the surface and removing as much dirt, grit, and oxidation as possible before applying the "Sauce".

Will this product dry sticky or attract bugs and dust?
No. Following the WIPE ON- WIPE OFF application process on the can will not leave the surface sticky or attract bugs and dust.

If I like the glossy look when the "Sauce" is first applied can I leave the "Sauce" on without wiping it off?
This is NOT recommended. This product was NOT developed to leave a glossy finish.
If applied correctly you will get a non sticky and oil free matte/ satin sheen on the surface.

Does this product help smooth out the texture of the surface?
The "Sauce" does not change the texture of the surface. You will need to achieve your desired "feel" or texture of the surface before applying the "Sauce".

Can I pinstripe after using the "Sauce"?
This is an oil based product so it can be can be removed from the surface with a good APC or Degreaser.

How do I remove the "Sauce" if it dried before I could wipe it off?
Use a degreaser to remove the "Sauce". Its recommended to spray the degreaser directly on a mircofiber towel and wipe vigorously and evenly remove the "Sauce".

Is this product tacky and sticky like Boiled Linseed Oil? No, our Patina "Sauce" does not contain Boiled Linseed Oil.