Sweet Patina

$19.99 - $49.99

"Superior Interior" Interior Conditioner

Image of "Superior Interior" Interior Conditioner

Y'all have been asking for an interior conditioner for those top shelf interiors so here it is!! Better late than never!! We want to make sure what we bring to you guys can with stand real world testing in real world settings! We have our Superior Interior available in 32oz quart bottles. This one bottle will last a long long time.

Heres the goodness!!

Beautifies Vinyl, Leather and Rubber!

-Brings back the life of your aged vinyl, moldings and trim

-Soften and Conditions

-Cleans lightly soiled surfaces

-For heavy soil surfaces clean with "So Fresh and Clean" All Purpose Cleaner prior to applying the Superior Interior Conditioner.

We personally use our "Happy Ending" Detail wipe between conditions and cleanings to keep the interior fresh.