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$54.99 - $107.99

“Black Out” Rust Preventative Coating

Image of “Black Out” Rust Preventative Coating

"Black Out" Rust Preventative Gloss Black Coating is a high solids, single-component, underbody coating formulated to permanently stop corrosion. It protects a variety of substrates from water, chemicals, salt and other corrosive contaminants. It stops rust when applied over a properly prepared rusted surface. The durable coating dries to a flexible, rock-hard finish that will not crack, chip, flake or peel. "Black Out" Rust Preventative Coating can be topcoated with an industrial finish to provide UV protection.
It is V.O.C. compliant in North America

♦️For best results use "Get Gone" Degreaser and "SP91-4 Wax and Grease Remover" To Clean Surface Before Applying♦️

♦️ TO SPRAY♦️You will need the "SP82" Urethane Reducer.

- Use on Chassis and underbody components.
- Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on.
- Apply to bare metal or rusted parts after proper cleaning.
- Dries to a hard durable finish.
- Protects from moisture, salt and chemicals that cause rust.
- No primer required.
- Can be used on any metal surface.
- Can be top coated/ painted.

♦️ For surfaces in direct sunlight we recommend top coating/ painting for UV protection!