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N1 Textured Coating Kits

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N1Textured Coating is the perfect coating for interior and exterior cab floors, firewalls, inside and underneath bed floors, undercoating fenders, coating body panels, bedliner and increasing safety and longevity to industrial surfaces, marine applications above water or anywhere you want a protective textured coating. N1 Textured Coating provides surface protection, sound dampening and temperature control all in 1 coating.

N1 Textured Coating a two-component urethane coating. It is specially formulated to withstand the same extreme conditions as high-solids single-stage paint. SP-N1 Series has excellent UV and chemical resistance. It is easy to use and provides a textured, satin finish that makes any surface look brand new. It is available in Black (SP-N1B) White (SP-N1W) and Tintable (SP-N1T). V.O.C. compliant in North America.

3 Parts:
SP-N1 Series Textured Coating
1 Part:
SP--N1A SeriesTextured Coating Activator

TINTING OPTIONAL: Use 3oz Solvent Toner with SP-N1T

NOTE: Mix by volume and stir thoroughly. Make sure product is at room temperature (72°F/22°C)before mixing.

SPRAY: Using a schutz gun apply a uniform wet coat of texture coating using a sweeping motion. Allow first coat to flash about 10-15 minutes before applying the second (2nd) coat. Second coat should be applied at a higher pressure (80 psi) and a distance further from the panel using a fast sweeping motion. NOTE: Varying the spraying distance and air pressure will vary the texture. Spraying a test panel is recommended. SP-N1 Textured Coating Should only be applied when the temperature is between 60 - 85°Fand humidity is less than 70%.
ROLL-ON: SP-N1 Series can be applied with a foam roller. A minimum of two applications are required to achieve minimum coverage.

Included in each kit 4 24 oz N1 coating and 2 20oz N1 Activators with Schutz Gun.